Our research covers various aspects of strategy and innovation in financial services. Our current focus is on fintech financing and performance. We are monitoring a growing sample of fintech startups and and if you would like a copy of the latest update on this topic contact michael@clarusinvestments.com.

Other articles or notes you can find from time-to-time published on our website are in the following subject areas:

  • Innovation and Start-Ups
    There has been an explosion of innovation in financial services in the last few years, led by so-called fintechs. These start-ups are setting out to disrupt the traditional financial services business but the established companies are reacting with enhanced innovation efforts of their own. Having run the strategic investment group for a major UK bank and invested in start-ups, Michael Pearson is ideally positioned to assess the developments which are taking place.
  • Innovation in Financial Inclusion
    New technologies have given an impetus to developments in financial inclusion and we expect to see rapid change and improvement over the next 10 years. As an adviser to a successful microfinance company in Egypt since 2009, Michael Pearson has direct experience of working in this field and our research is focused on innovation in financial inclusion, particularly the use of new digital technologies in retail and SME banking in developing markets.
  • Strategy and Industry Development
    With short term news and performance reporting and it can be difficult to take time to consider longer term issues of strategy and performance. The reporting of performance is also sometimes questionable making it more difficult to reach a judgement. Michael Pearson has been advising financial institutions on strategy for over 30 years and our research is focused on the strategy and performance of financial services companies, and the implications for management and investors.